10 benefits using the Omni Linker platform

1. iPaas on cloud – no expenses with integration infrastructure

All integration infrastructure is provided and managed by Confluence, hosted in world-class datacenters.

2. Quick implementation

A broad set of integration connectors guarantees a quick implementation by Confluence team.

3. Integration with any system or data source

Connection with any system or data source through high performance connectors for different protocols:  REST/JSON, WS/SOAP, Relational/SQL, text files messages, sockets, e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, and also customized specific connectors to devices like access cards, weight scales, GPS sensors and cameras.

4. An exclusive Cloud environment for your information

The Dockers and Containers architecture allows complete data and processes isolation. Each client has an exclusive cloud structure.

5. Your IT department won’t spend time with integrations

Implementation and support are made by Confluence team. Your IT team won’t have to spend time with integration.

6. Real time monitoring and auditing of messages

Real time monitoring, including technical and business views. Auditing mechanism with search mechanisms and indexed reference fields.

7. Specialized support team

Specialized technical support provides by Confluence, with assorted SLA and availability options.

8. The Quality of InterSystems IRIS technology

Built upon InterSystems IRIS technology, one of the most advanced in the world.

Suitable for any integration landscape: Synchronous/Asynchronous processes, multiple sources/targets, integration orchestration, business rules, data transformation, queueing and flow control.

9. On premise deployment option

Omni Linker can also be installed on-premise, and the Dockers/Containers architecture makes it easy to move from the cloud to the client’s datacenter.

10. Confluence Integration experience

You can rely on Confluence’s 15 years experience in complex integration projects with clients like Ipiranga, Petrobras, Boticário, VTEX, LINX, Bematech, Cia Hering, Lojas CAEDU, Leroy Merlin, MCassab, Electrolux, Hospital Albert Einstein, Hospital Sírio Libanês, Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo, Hospital Santa Catarina, Maternidade Santa Joana, Secretaria de Saúde do RJ, Universidade Metodista de SP, Interfile, among others.