Omni Linker integration platform

Omni Linker integration platform

Fluxo Omni Linker

Omni Linker: Confluence’s iPaaS integration platform. Robust, safe and scalable to connect different systems and information sources.

Available on cloud and on premise.

Safe Integration

Built upon InterSystems IRIS technology and using Dockers/Containers, Omni Linker grants isolation of data and processes.

Even on the cloud version, each client processes run on an exclusive container structure, which allows complete data isolation.

The architecture allows easy migration from cloud to on premise.

Omni Linker connections use safe protocols, with cryptography and digital certification.

Quick Implementation

Besides API REST/JSON and WS/SOAP connections, Omni Linker also has a broad set of connectors that allow quick integration implementation with any system or data source, such as relational data bases (ODBC/JDBC), text files exchange (XML, CSV, fixed column), SMS, e-mail, Sockets and many others connection types, making it an excellent option to integrate legacy systems.

The integration development is all up to Confluence, so you don’t have to spend your IT team’s time.

Monitoring and Auditing

Omni Linker provides real time monitoring of integration processes under different points of view:


Technical view monitoring data traffic, performance and connections status.


Business view: tool for the end user, showing business integration errors (i.e. the lack of mandatory data or invalid code) that can be analyzed and corrected directly by the user.

Omni Liker also has an auditing mechanism. All information that goes through integration is registered, and it is possible to search for it using reference fields within the messages, such as Item Code, Client Code, Name or other relevant fields of the client’s process.

Monitoring information is stored in a separate infrastructure. Therefore, monitor usage won’t compromise the performance of the integration itself and monitor information will be available for as long as the client wants.

Any integration landscape

Omni Linker has the most advanced mechanisms of integration, allowing any integration landscape.


Data transformation (changes in the message to adapt source and target formats), code conversion, data cleaning, rules evaluation and workflow.


Integration flows with multiple sources and targets


Synchronous and asynchronous messages


Flow control: Omnilinker can receive large amounts of data at high transmission rates from a source and manage the delivery, preventing overwhelming the receiver. This feature is essential in cases when the target has rate volume limitations.